President Putin surprised by the content of history textbooks


Falsification of history

In his annual message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin said that he was surprised by the content of some school history textbooks. According to him, some of them contain any information about the period of the Second World War, but nothing is said about the Battle of Stalingrad.

The topic of the content of history textbooks cannot be considered separately from the policy of the state and its ideological attitudes. On the one hand, according to Article 13 of the Constitution of Russia, in the State, ideological diversity is established. On the other hand, in Russia, nevertheless, there is a dominant ideology – this is the ideology of capitalism and market values. It is in accordance with the bourgeois ideological principles that a significant number of textbooks are compiled, and “historical” television programs and films corresponding to these guidelines are produced.

One of the main tasks of bourgeois propaganda is to convince the majority that the only possible and correct structure of society is capitalism. And that is precisely why the main task of propaganda is to denigrate socialism as a system and, accordingly, Socialist States. Therefore the history of the USSR is portrayed in the most distorted form. Some of the achievements of socialism are either silenced or portrayed as if they were obtained “not thanks to, but in spite of” socialistic system. Other achievements are sometimes even declared … harmful. So it became with the history of the Second World War and its main component – the Great Patriotic War.

The USSR made a decisive contribution to the defeat of the Axis countries. The capitalist countries could not withstand the blows of the countries of the fascist bloc. However, the Soviet Union was able to virtually single-handedly turn the tide of the war, grind the main forces of the fascist States in decisive battles. The scale and stability of the Soviet economy during the war clearly demonstrated the advantages of socialism. That is why enormous efforts are being made to distort the history of the Second World War.

In Russia in the 1990s, an attempt was made to distort the history of the war as much as possible. However, then it was doomed to failure, there were still many living participants in the war. Even now, the memory of the war is alive, so that completely clumsy attempts to distort events fail. Bourgeois propaganda has become more sophisticated. Now the decisive contribution of the Soviet Union to the Second World War is not denied and, on the contrary, is in every possible way affirmed. However, it is presented as “the victory of the people in spite of the regime, which only did that prevented the people from winning”.