Polish state employees are having their salaries cut


The unions of teachers and nurses in Poland are outraged about the fact that the local authorities are using the pandemic period to save on salaries.

Polish state employees are having their salaries cut
Polish state employees are having their salaries cut

In particular, teachers report that their salaries fell sharply due to distance work, and they also stopped being paid overtime and extra personal benefits.

“If the teacher did not make a mistake in calculating and filling out the paperwork about their workload, then there are no legal grounds for limiting their salary,” complains the chairman of the Union of Polish Teachers Slavomir Bronyazh. – “The local authorities are looking for a way to save budget funds, explaining it by the directives from above. It seems we will have to convene a round table or take it to the streets”.

Russian teachers are experiencing similar problems. Besides, it is very difficult technically to regularly conduct online lessons. Often teachers have to spend an entire day at the computer, and not every family has the appropriate equipment. Moreover, teachers also have children who need to learn using the family computer, which aggravates the situation even further.

Salaries of medical staff have also decreased. Even those medics who work with coronavirus patients are losing incomes. This is happening because the staff does not have time to provide other services that patients usually pay for.

Amid these problems, the Polish authorities are trying to find a way to save on salaries. It is easy to cut classroom allowances if the teacher works remotely at home. And the fact that working conditions have worsened does not concern the management.

Is such a scenario possible for Russia? Judging by the President’s statement, the authorities do not intend to keep Russians locked up for too long. After all, it harms the economy and increases the number of the unemployed. On the other hand, it increases the risks of the further virus spreading.