Peskov defines vaccination as a process of the Russians’ own free will, everyone can quit their job any time


Is there really any choice?

In the event that those service workers who are subject to obligatory vaccination against coronavirus do not want to be vaccinated, then they should change their field of activity. This was announced to reporters by the Russian Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. In May, the spokesman said there would be no mandatory vaccinations in Russia.

Dmitry Peskov

“Vaccination in general is really voluntary. If Moscow residents work in the service industry, they will have to get vaccinated. And if someone makes a decision not to get vaccinated, then they should just get out of the service sector, ”said Peskov.

The official noted that a person can always change jobs.

“If you work in a service industry and you are not vaccinated, you are a threat to those you provide these services to in the context of a severe pandemic outbreak <…> This is all related to the pandemic and has to do with the need to take effective measures to stop this outbreak.” – explained the official.

Interestingly, the Russian Orthodox Church is not going to demand mandatory vaccinations from Moscow priests. At the same time, the church ministers daily meet with the elderly people who are the most vulnerable to the coronavirus and its new types. For some reason, however, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church have been excluded from the list of activities of service workers who are subject to mandatory vaccination

Meanwhile, an unvaccinated Russian (or one who recovers without passing the test) will not even be able to go on vacation. Travel companies are sounding the alarm about the risk of summer vacation prohibition on the resorts of the Krasnodar region coast without a vaccination certificate. The Russians began to refuse such vacations after the restrictions had been announced. The head of the Association of Russian Tour Operators, Maya Lomidze, outlined major challenges in the field.

Supporters of the party report that mandatory vaccination campaigns have started in companies they work for – to vaccinate 100% of employees so that the business could avoid problems with the Government. The employees who refuse to get vaccinated will be suspended from work.

In addition, unvaccinated citizens will lose access to many public areas and places, such as cafes and restaurants. Restaurant owners will be required to make “COVID-19-free zones” inside, where only those who vaccinated using a special QR code will be allowed. If a restaurant is not ready to meet these demands, then it would have to be closed down or will be receiving take-out orders only.
So, vaccination turns out to be voluntary if a person does not work, is not going on vacation, and does not like to go outside.

In the meantime, СOVID-19 is really a lethal virus; it is a dangerous disease that must be fought at all costs. But, as left-wing blogger Remi Meisner noted, what could have done that to the people being on the high seas without life-saving equipment, with all their might are pushing away the lifeline thrown by the authorities?