Patients were freezing without heating in one of Kurgan’s hospitals


In two district hospitals of the Kurgan region, patients lay in unheated buildings for prolonged periods of time. This situation has arisen due to the debts of district hospitals to heat supply organizations. The central regional hospital in Chistoozerye owed 1.7 million rubles for the last season, and the regional hospital in Lebyazhye – 4.8 million rubles. As a result of the negotiations, the district administrations agreed on the gradual repayment of the debts to the Ural TEK company. On October 1, the heating in the hospitals was turned on.

The issue of supplying heat to hospitals is quite interesting. If there is a hospital, then it should be allocated appropriate funds to pay for utilities.  Hence, we can draw the appropriate conclusions that either the required amount of funds was not allocated or the funds were allocated insufficient volume, but “disappeared” on the way to the service provider.

We can observe several results of the activities of reformers at once. As a result of the optimization of the healthcare system, healthcare costs have been cut. Saving budget funds was at the forefront. The reform of housing and communal services led to the privatization of the entire sphere of communal services, which resulted, on the one hand, in a significant rise in the price of services, and on the other, a decline in their quality. In addition, confusing financing schemes have emerged, often involving theft of public funds. So, prices have risen, funding has dropped, and the result is a heat cut.

The example of Kurgan hospitals demonstrates what the loud words of officials about the importance of medicine and health care are worth.  Things do not go further than words, the state of affairs in the industry leaves much to be desired, while the government is not taking effective measures to improve the situation.