Patients standing in line at a hospital were pacified by the Federal National Guard squad


No baton charges took place yet

To bring order to the line of patients at the outpatient clinic number 1 in the city of Donetsk in the Rostov region, the employees of the hospital called the National Guard squad, LENTA reports. The Chief Medical Officer called this measure unavoidable since the patients refused to comply with social distancing, wearing masks and threatened doctors with physical violence, using obscene language.

“In connection with the current situation (an increase in the incidence of a new coronavirus infection in our city), we are forced to separate the flows of patients, we are forced to require patients to comply with the distancing and wearing masks, and show up at the clinic at the appointed time. In response to the repeated attempts of medical staff to explain to patients the need to comply with these requirements, they used threats of physical violence and foul language, “the Novost newspaper quotes the Chief Medical Officer.

Of course, we do not condone such threats directed against medical workers. But the fact that the patients had all grounds to show their discontent cannot be ignored. There has been growing tension in society. And the health care reorganization, aggravated by the spread of coronavirus infection, is contributing to that process.

There is no doubt that if people saw the authorities’ concern for improving their lives (expanding free medical service and education, providing housing for all segments of society, a significant pay raise, a real combating unemployment, etc.), then they would show their understanding to lines at the polyclinic front desk.

However, as they can see quite the opposite appears to be happening: plants and factories shut down, workers’ incomes are falling but the profits of the richest minority are up, housing is becoming more expensive, and pay hospitals are doing pretty well. And people feel naturally growing frustration with the social injustice that is all around them on a daily basis. This leads to a situation when a common case causes such “unrest” in society.

The modern economic organization in Russia, based on the appropriation of the millions of poor people’s labor fruit by a wealthy minority, does not effectively solve the pressing problems of the overwhelming majority of the people. Workers’ discontent will grow. And the State will increasingly use its law enforcement agencies to suppress this discontent.