Outrage in Russia and Belarus as Kiev holds Ukrainian SS Divisions remembrance day


Kiev holds the so-called “March of Embroideries” for the first time, the march is dedicated to the anniversary of the formation of the special SS division “Galicia” during the Great Patriotic War, RIA Novosti reports. The division consisted of Ukrainian volunteers and collaborators and fought against partisans in western Ukraine, France, Poland, Yugoslavia, took
part in punitive operations, including those directed against entire nations.

The event brought together about a hundred marginals from various ultra-right organizations. The column moved along Hrushevsky Street to the local Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square, independence from Communism, of course..). Ukrainian folk music sounded from a nearby car leading the procession. The protesters shouted nationalist slogans and chants. The convoy was accompanied by a small escort of police.

A participant in the march told RIA Novosti that the abbreviation “SS” means “Archers of the Sich” and not at all what everyone thought and had nothing to do with Hitler’s Germany. The activist believed that the Ukrainian volunteers fought “against the communist and Stalinist regime.”

And this of course is true. The fight against communism was lost almost 80 years ago and today holds explicit or implicit support for fascism. After all, fascism is not Mussolini or Hitler, it is an economic system reinforced by a special political regime. The tendencies towards fascisation are manifested in many countries of the world, which have actually realized what monopolization of the economy is and how profitable corporatism is.

In Ukraine, the memory of the SS “Galicia” division is immortalized by monuments on Mount Zhbyr, at the Lychakiv Cemetery and at the memorial cemetery in the village of Chervon. Streets in Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil are named after traitors and nazi collaborators.