Only 90 jobs will remain at the Novosibirsk “Tyazhstankohydropress”


Death sentence for the plant

Only 90 out of 225 employees of Tyazhstankohydropress PJSC will keep their jobs at the plant, TASS reports with reference to the press relations service of the Novosibirsk region government. The wage arrears for March are planned to be paid off by May 20. It has not yet been decided when they will pay for April.

We have already talked about the catastrophic situation at the plant and the attempts to save this once a large machine-building company.

All the employees are in operation downtime at the moment. The Investigating Committee has filed criminal charges of the non-payment of wages. So far, 11.2 million rubles of wage arrears have been paid out of the debt of 17 million rubles. The Federal Tax Service inspectorate has blocked the company’s accounts in two banks.

“Today there is a pretty clear picture of how to save jobs for as many as 90 employees of the plant – first of all, we are talking about highly skilled manufacturing and maintenance personnel. The staff listing of the entire company at the moment is 225 people, “the press service of the Novosibirsk region quotes TASS.

Apparently, the plant, founded in 1939, is finished. Even the most qualified employees in such a small number are unable to maintain the efficiency of a machine-building enterprise. When buildings and equipment are not used for their intended purpose, they deteriorate much faster: roofs begin to leak, walls crumble, and machinery gets rusty.

Saving jobs only for 90 people, the regional government and the owners of the plant are simply trying to delay the inevitable collapse of Tyazhstankohydropress, to calm down the protest moods. Then they will definitely say that “everything possible has been done”, but “the crisis and pandemic” have taken their toll and the company went broke.

“Effective” owners are increasingly proving their inefficiency. With a dull sameness that frightens, such events take place in the most different parts of the country.

Unfortunately, Tyazhstankohydropress is highly likely to become another company that isn’t a good fit for the market.