Only 3% of Russians admit to not experiencing financial hardship when between jobs


Only 3% of Russians are confident that they will not face financial difficulties upon dismissal from work. RBC reports with reference to a survey conducted by Out of those surveyed, 23% of the respondents expect that the money they have will be enough for less than a week after starting to looking for a new job.

According to the poll, 20% of Russians think they can “last” two weeks, 15% – a month and a half, 11% – 3 months, 4% – six months.

Wage labourers for capitalists are just a means of making a profit. In an effort to increase the profitability of their “business”, the owners of the means of production force the workers to “plough” for them for a longer time with off-scale intensity and, of course, for the least possible pay. The low level of wages among many millions of workers does not allow them to save at least some funds “for a rainy day”, to create their own “safety cushion” in case of job loss.

Capitalists are well aware that people are afraid of the threat of unemployment and, taking advantage of the moment, continue to reduce their “labour costs”, “motivating” their workers with practically the same “argument”: “If you don’t like the salary, no one keeps it. Quit “of your own free will.” After all, such a wording frees “business people” from the need for additional payments.

In order not to be led by the employer, workers must consolidate their efforts in the struggle for their rights, awaken class consciousness in themselves and their comrades, and unite in trade unions.