On the eve of the elections, Kadyrov again forced to apologize


The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, said that he had not yet made a decision on his own participation in the republican elections. He noted that he will not go to the polls if even a few percent of the population oppose his candidacy. However, experts are confident that “no one in Chechnya will be against it”, especially after the public apology of a family of Dagestan origin whose 15-year-old son insulted Kadyrov by calling him “shaitan” (“devil”). Kadyrov promised to find and destroy him. This event fits well into the current news agenda around the Chechen leader.

Ramzan Kadyrov

“This is a very important day for the future of the republic and all of Russia. I set the task for all power structures to closely cooperate with the Election Commission. I said that I had not decided whether I would participate in the elections. I will make the final decision after studying public opinion. Even if a few percent of the population opposes my candidacy, I will not go to the polls”, the head of the Chechen Republic noted at a special meeting.

The elections will be held on a single voting day, and experts have already drawn their conclusions regarding the future profession of Ramzan Kadyrov.

“The prospect of moving to another position with a large apparatus weight carries too great risks. Therefore, he uses a wide range of methods in order to take root in the republic. It was impossible to imagine Chechnya without Kadyrov. The recent statement about the refusal to participate in the election of the head, if even a few percent of the population opposes, is one of them. Obviously, in the current situation in the republic, no one “will be against”, and Kadyrov is deliberately emphasizing this”, Grigory Kiselev, head of the Center for Political Research and Technology, told FedPress.

Recall that the next day after the meeting, the family of the guy who called Ramzan Kadyrov “shaitan” apologized publicly. 15-year-old Akhmed Valkaev was found very quickly. Now the Chechen media are actively discussing the family of Dagestan origin who lives in the Moscow region, calling him nothing more than “unfortunate son” who “tries to assert himself through stupid comments”.

“I guarantee you to take up the upbringing of our son seriously in the future <…> I am very ashamed of such upbringing”, the boy’s father assures.

Later, other relatives of the guy apologized, including the grandfather of Akhmed Valkaev.

Timur Aliyev, Chairman of the Council under the Head of the Chechen Republic for the Development of Civil Society and Human Rights, also shared his comment on the Grozny TV channel.

“There are the so-called ‘Caucasian traditions”, in which it is necessarily implied that if you say a word, you bear responsibility for it”, Aliyev said.

It is not surprising that after such stories “no one in Chechnya will be against it”. And how much such a policy actually correlates with “civil society and human rights” is for the reader to decide.