Officials – to doctors: “You pack your hospital with bums and do nothing”

It would seem that the coronavirus epidemic should make even the most greedy capitalists think about restoring the Russian healthcare system. In fact, however, the Russian authorities in the capital and in the province continue to destroy the free medicine.

In the program “AgitProp” dated April 19, 2020, “optimization” (that is, phased destruction) of the Angarsk neuropsychiatric dispensary was mentioned.

The story continues. A new letter from the Angarsk doctors came to the mail of the AgitProp project. Here it is.

the Angarsk neuropsychiatric dispensary
the Angarsk neuropsychiatric dispensary

… So, on April 23, we, activists of the primary trade union organization “Action”, were invited to the Ministry of Health of Irkutsk Region, on the initiative of the head physician Alyokhin, to resolve the conflict. To begin with, as usual, the meeting at the scheduled 10am did not really happen, because suddenly a telephone briefing on the coronavirus situation started with the acting governor in the conference room. Therefore, we moved into a cramped office, in which we were offered to sit together on one chair or “not to be shy” and lean against the wall. I have to say right away, the conversation was quite heated, with raised voices. The opponents tried to interrupt each other. The party from the administration of the hospital and the ministry tried to not let us say a word. Did not work out. It’s a shame, of course, but what can you do – in the viper’s nest, you have to be a viper yourself. This “negotiation” – or, rather, bazaar – in Malaya Arnautskaya Street, was led by Elena Golenetskaya, the First Deputy Minister of Health (As it turns out, the former deputy by now).

The result of the two-hour “conversation”:

  1. We were asked to send nurses to mentally ill patients’ homes to distribute pills. To the mentally ill, who may be in a state of psychosis!
  2. In the place of doctors, we were instructed to find paramedics and nurses to receive these patients in the hospital, and also to take hospital shifts. However, in the Federal Law “On Psychiatric Care and on Guarantees of the Rights of Citizens when Providing It”, only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment!
  3. Our patients were compared to patients with bronchial asthma: “Patients themselves take bronchodilators during an attack, so why are mental patients not able to?” This is a brilliant scientific discovery. But the problem is that the mentally ill do not consider themselves sick, unlike patients with asthma.
  4. Most hospitals that have not been yet “optimized” have a certain number of “permanent residents”. These are patients who have an unfavorable course of the disease. They cannot be let out even with relatives. They do not accept treatment at home, and the symptoms are so severe that they pose an immediate danger to themselves or others. The deputy head of the Ministry of Health Golenetskaya used the word “bums” for such patients. She is sure that they have to be taken out of the hospital. It was literally said to us: “You pack the hospital with bums and do nothing”.

This is how our officials treat people. They already apparently walked a thorny road and became “superhuman” according to Nietzsche, but what should we, ordinary people, do?

We respond with the directness that is characteristic of us. Ordinary people should remember: oligarchs and officials are enemies of simple workers. They live by parasitism on our work. Do not rely on their conscience – they do not have it. Do not let yourself be fooled. Fight for your rights.


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