Officials reported on their income for 2020


“Izvestia” reported that the Russian President Vladimir Putin and other officials have submitted income declarations for 2020. The information will appear in open sources within two weeks.

“Yes, the officials have handed over their declarations. They will be published on time”, said Peskov, the presidential spokesman.

According to 2019 declarations, the officials’ income is steadily growing upwards. However, the president’s income is quite modest, in contrast to other civil servants of various levels. The gap is significant: 9.7 million for Putin versus 2.7 billion for Senator Ponomarev.

The wives of politicians consistently demonstrate the best “ability to work”, often earning much more than their husbands. 

Financial statistics show that there are also unknown record holders from the regions. Russian officials still manage to “keep their mark”. Soon we will see how the crisis of 2020 affected the incomes of those in power.

In the meantime, while these reports are being prepared, you can try to compare their results with the growing hole in your own budget, the regular rise in unemployment and prices. The comparison will not be in favor of ordinary people, just like in past 30 years.