Nine people were shot at school


RIA Novosti reports that nine people died as a result of the shooting on May 11 in the school No. 175 in Kazan. The majority of victims are children (7). According to various sources, the number of wounded varies from 16 to 21 people. The attacker, a 19-year-old former student of this school, was detained.

School No. 175, Kazan / Photo © RIA Novosti / Maxim Bogodvid

Entrance to educational institutions of the city is limited and all classes for the second shift have been canceled. Police and operational services work at the scene.

Vladimir Putin ordered to revise the rules for issuing weapons permits.

Kerch, Pskov and other cities of Russia have already faced similar tragedies. Now this list has been replenished with Kazan. Our society continues to reap the bloody fruits of thirty years of life based on such principles as “dog eat dog”, “the strongest survives” and “the personal is above the public.”

The elimination and detention of individual criminals cannot solve the problem of increasing violence. To replace these killers, new ones are already growing somewhere, ready to get a pistol / gun / ax / knife and “put them into action” to achieve their goals. And “revising the rules for issuing permits” won’t solve the problem. With each new tragedy, the government toughens punishments and laws, but the bloody massacres continue.

It is possible to furnish all entrances and exits from schools with video cameras, turnstiles, metal detectors and security guards, but this will not make it safer on the school playground or just on the street. You can find out what the security business is from the article by Alexander Stepanov.

And religion is not able to qualitatively influence the level of crime. Just look at the United States, where almost the entire population is believers. Now we, despite the abundance of churches, make them “worthy competition” in the number of cases of massacres in public places.

Even such calm countries as Finland, Sweden, Norway and Germany are not spared by massacres in schools. After all, they are dominated by the “right of the strong.”

So that our children can safely walk in the yard at any time, so as not to worry about whether they have reached school or not, to stop the bloody statistics, a fundamentally different socio-economic structure is needed. The lack of exploitation of man by man allows people to look confidently into the future, not to be afraid of being left without work and housing, and to have equal access to free education and medicine. All this works much more efficiently than tightening punishments, prohibitions and restrictions.

We express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims.