Most Russians want to change their jobs


A study by the «” portal showed that 63% of respondents want to change their current job for a new one. The survey is conducted in all regions of Russia, TASS reports.

The analysis showed that in each of the surveyed specialties more than half of the employees, from 52% to 69% percent, are dissatisfied with their current place of work. For example, among medical and educational workers there are just over 50% of them.

“More often than other specialists, representatives of the security sector would like to quit (69%), as well as workers from the field of trade (68%). The same number of employees in the transport sector (68%) are ready to change their current place of work. In construction, 64% of specialists were dissatisfied with the work. 62% of respondents from the restaurant business and the manufacturing industry are also ready to change their place of work or profession”, the report says.

The salary expectations of the respondents range from 97 thousand rubles for trade workers to 195 thousand rubles for IT specialists.

It is strange that the expectations and the level of satisfaction of workers’ specialties are not given; it is hardly possible in this economic sphere, even hypothetically, to boast of a desire to receive a salary under 100 thousand rubles. Because the real salary is ridiculous.

It is pointless to expect objectivity from research carried out by capitalists in favor of other capitalists. It is profitable for the authorities to show the huge expectations of programmers from Moscow (which means that we live well) than to show the salary of a simple metallurgist or miner from province.