Moscow government spent over 900 million on temporary hospital at Crocus Expo


In one of the pavilions of the Crocus Expo exhibition complex, owned by billionaire Araz Agalarov, a medical department for infectious diseases was urgently deployed to receive patients with COVID-19. The work cost the Moscow government 925 million rubles, another 110 million rubles had to be paid for renting the premises for a period of 2 months.

Выставочный комплекс "Крокус Экспо"
Crocus Expo Exhibition Complex

In 8 days, Agalarov’s company, which acted as both the landlord and the building contractor, opened up a temporary infection disease department with 1,000 beds on its premises. Additional equipment was purchased, and accommodation for doctors was organized in a nearby hotel.

Speaking about the financial component of the issue, the owner of Crocus Expo said that he had made serious concessions to the regional authorities, because the amount of 110 million for his company was insignificant and under normal conditions, renting such a room would cost 178 million rubles a month.

“It’s not a good time for making profits, it’s important to finish the work on time,” the businessman told reporters.

Probably, it looks quite tempting to rejoice at how quickly the country authorities solve the problems facing the Russian healthcare in the pandemic. However, it would be more productive to take a look at those who created these problems in the first place – those who actively promoted the optimization of supposedly ineffective healthcare, closing infectious departments across the country.

And now, these gentlemen, at the expense of taxpayers, are convulsively trying to somehow rectify the situation, simultaneously supporting afloat one of the richest rentiers in Russia. Which, by the way, seriously fears that the ban on exhibitions will be removed before the pavilion allocated for the hospital is freed from infected patients. After all, then his forced altruism may result in even greater losses.

Nothing personal, only profit – this is the principle of the capitalist system that is leading our country to death.