Mortality increased in Moscow


Mortality in Moscow in April exceeded the average mortality rate over the last ten years by 17%. The average April rate for ten years is 9,866 people; in 2020, 11,846 people died in Moscow, wchich is almost 2,000 more. Mortality from coronavirus for the entire period in Moscow amounted to 1,068 people.

Healthcare system optimization
Healthcare system optimization

Coronavirus gives only about half of the increase in mortality. This means that the epidemic has led to an overload of the entire healthcare system: against the background of the epidemic, many categories of citizens could not receive medical care and regular treatment. This situation has arisen as a result of the optimization of the healthcare system, which was carried out in Russia. During its course, the number of hospital beds in infectious disease hospitals in Moscow almost halved. Several large infectious disease hospitals in the city were closed. As a result, other hospitals had to be involved to assist.

In addition, we see that not only the optimization of healthcare but the entire state system was not ready for the epidemic. From the very beginning, the authorities failed to establish effective identification and isolation of people who arrived from abroad, failed to establish mass production of personal protective equipment, even the simplest masks. Even the quarantine lockdown was not complete: many enterprises, under various pretexts, engaged employees, churches were open, and to top it off, the introduction of passes led to human traffic jams at metro entrances.

Such a situation is characteristic not only of Russia, but also of other capitalist countries, including countries of “good” capitalism. Everywhere we see the helplessness of the authorities before the infection, the lack of the most basic personal protective equipment, even for medical personnel. Thus, we see that the capitalist system cannot cope with the epidemic, no matter what countries it develops in: rich or poor, large or small, warm or cold. The picture is the same everywhere. As is the reason – capitalism.