Mortality from coronavirus set a new record


Mortality from coronavirus set a new record in Russia – 1189 people per day. According to the operational headquarters, 40,443 people fell ill over the past day. Meanwhile, Mikhail Murashko, the head of the Ministry of Health, said on November 1st that the new lockdown and new restrictive measures have given first positive results – the number of patients under medical supervision decreased by 3600 people.

Considering the number of the sick and the dead, the words of Mr. Murashko may seem very strange. After all, it is known that the incubation period of the coronavirus is from two days to two weeks – 5.2 days on average. So we can talk about positive or negative results only after five days from the beginning of non-working days. The current decrease in the incidence rate could be explained by the fact that during the non-working days, not all ARVI patients turn to medical institutions for medical help and choose to be sick at home instead, especially since and hospitals are fully booked.

Infection control experts say that the breakthrough in the fight against the spread of the virus can be achieved through universal vaccination (at least 70% of the population). But as of November 1, only 32.46% of Russians were vaccinated. But the aforementioned universal vaccination doesn’t seem possible under the current state of events. Firstly, there are periodic shortages of vaccines, and secondly, our modern healthcare system cannot cope with such a high number of patients. Moreover, it will be necessary to start revaccination in the coming months.

Thus, despite all the optimistic statements of high-ranking officials, it is too early to talk about an improvement in the epidemiological situation in the country yet. The epidemiological situation remains of concern.