More than half of construction crossings in Perm are unsafe


More than half of construction site fences in Perm were built with violations. These are the conclusions reached by the city administrative and technical inspection (ATI) during checkups after the tragedy that happened on January, 9 in Krasnova Street.


Construction site accidents keep occuring more and more often

On Saturday, January, 9 in Perm, in Krasnova Street, a construction crossing built at the end of 2019 collapsed. Its roof could not withstand the weight of the snow accumulated on it, the structure deformed and fell on people passing by the house. Two women were injured, one of them later died in hospital.

After the tragedy, ATI began checking such structures in the city. Already on the first day of the raid, the inspection checked 86 objects,  and in 53 of them (62% of those examined) violations were found. In 49 temporary crossings, like in Krasnova Street, the canopies were not cleared of snow, and the pedestrian flooring was covered in 12 more locations.

A criminal case was opened, and the prosecutor’s office is also conducting an investigation.

Whether it is worth hoping that, as a result of all these measures, it will be possible to reduce the number of such disasters is a rhetorical question. After all, the number of violations during the construction of protective structures tells us that what happened is far from accidental and the company “AuditEnergoProekt”, who was carrying out the works in Krasnova Street, is not the only contractor who thinks they can save on our safety.


News about collapsed tiles at a school or the roof of a hangar that has fallen under the weight of the snow are constantly encountered in Russian news. All these incidents (as well as the businessmen and officials guilty of the incident) are the brainchild of the prevailing system in the Russian Federation, which puts profit above human life. 

Capitalism kills and you can’t fix it with a prosecutor’s check.