More than 30 million pensioners will get a pre-election handout by September 3


The authorities really need to get out a vote

Russian Minister of Labor Anton Kotyakov said that the one-off payment promised by the President would go into bank accounts of 30.7 million pensioners by the end of next week, TASS reports. The other 12.7 million Russians will get 10 thousand after September 3 through the employees of the “Russian Post”.

At a meeting with the leaders of the “United Russia” electoral list, Vladimir Putin offered to distribute 10,000 rubles each to pensioners and 15,000 rubles each to military servicemen. The words of the “guarantor of the Constitution” were welcomed by a warm ovation of the participants of the “high meeting”.

This concern about the retired and the military servicemen in the middle of the electoral campaign in the State Duma shows the great interest of the authorities in assuring massive voters turnout. It is assumed that people in these groups most actively participate in the “procedure of putting papers in the ballot boxes.” Given the people’s interest in the “elections” is steadily decreasing, it is necessary at least not to lose this part of voters. So those who have power are in a hurry to interest potential voters, launching populist statements, various “enticements” and just money. Fortunately, all these things will come at no expense to them.

The “opposition”, of course, is financially unable to be engaged in such activities. They cannot easily get their share of public money to “stimulate voters”. The opponents of United Russia admitted to participating in the “elections” are making their contribution to luring people to come to the polling places with their big words of populist statements. After all, the amount of state financing of parties depends on the number of people who checked in at the ballot boxes.

And when the “popularly elected” representatives of the owners of the factories, newspapers, banks, etc. take sits in their comfortable chairs in the State Duma, they (regardless of the color of the flags in their “workplaces”) will continue to act as an effective lobby for the interests of their employers – business people.