Monument of military valor was repaired with adhesive tape


In the Rostov region, a vandalized monument of military valor was repaired with adhesive tape, reports.

The report says that a few months after the opening, the monument was damaged by vandals, and the “repair” with adhesive tape was carried out at the initiative of unknown persons. Judging by the photographs, about a half of the monument has been “repaired”.

“We do not give any comments. We were told not to give comments” – the city administration said.

For some reason, the city administration couldn’t find funds to restore the monument properly. Judging by the number of tenders, there is money in the city.

I do not want to build speculation and assumptions, but I could not find information about vandalism in open sources. Given the quality with which restoration work is usually done, the tile could well have fallen off on its own.

In July 1942, near Millerov, up to 40 thousand Red Army soldiers were surrounded; this episode is known as the “Millerovsky Cauldron”. From 15 to 17 of July the Germans captured 75 thousand Soviet soldiers in the region.

The monument, wrapped with adhesive tape, is a symbol of the state’s mockery of war heroes.