Minister confirms – digitalization in education is carried out due to the lack of money for the maintenance of schools


During an expanded meeting of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy, Minister of Digital Development – Maksut Shadayev said that digitalization of education and the introduction of online learning is being carried out because there is no money for the maintenance of “extra” schools.

“We have many small schools, there are simply not enough teachers! A huge number of rural schools are not provided with teachers, billions of roubles will not help here. There is no such money. We do not have such opportunities to bring teachers to rural schools, provide them with housing and a full set of teaching aids, “the minister said.

So far, we are only talking about improving the situation with education in small rural schools. However, the introduction of such technologies and the development of appropriate means will also require funds that could partially cover the cost of teacher’s salaries. Obviously, this is not only about making up for the existing shortage of teachers. They want to reduce the number of schools and places in them, transferring a significant number of students to distance learning. At first, it will be carried out in rural areas, under the specious slogan of caring for students and their parents. Then a similar practice will be transferred to cities, where, over time, there will also be a “shortage” of teachers. Well, the freed-up areas in schools will be used for commercial purposes.

We see something similar in the health care system. Optimization of the latter led to a sharp drop in the quality and availability of medical care. The number of hospitals in Russia has decreased since 1990 from 12.8 thousand to 5.2 thousand in 2019, and the number of beds from 2037 thousand to 1124 thousand. The outbreak of the pandemic clearly showed the degradation of the system. But the country’s leadership does not plan to change anything. In his last message to the Federal Assembly, the President did not announce plans to rehabilitate hospitals, on the contrary, he stated the need to introduce telemedicine. This means that there will be no real improvement.

The reduction in funding for health care and education fits into the general modern anti-social policy of the state.
This is due to the fact that the authorities are trying to save more budget funds. The budget is replenished from taxes.
You can take the path of more filling the budget by raising taxes, introducing a progressive taxation system. But this
contradicts the interests of big business, in whose interests the policy of the current government is being pursued.
That means they will save on workers.