Medical residency becomes privatized


One of the most valuable aspects of socialism is the human right to education. During the Russian revolution, over 70% of workers and peasants were uneducated, they chose a communist revolution for the sake of their children’s education and future. In the Soviet union, education was free and was budgeted for from government scholarships. This provided citizens with unlimited potential – provided could pass the entry tests, you could be anyone you wanted. This trend is now seeing a rapid decline all over capitalist Russian.

Most of the budget (provided by the government scholarship budget) places in residency at medical universities this year were given to students of the target recruitment (the best of the best), according to MK.RU. Many of those who entered on this competitive basis will either have to pay a round sum for their studies or completely abandon the residency.

The target recruitment for residency since 2020 has been increased many times, in some areas up to 90%. Students sent for training by employers took almost all budgetary places in universities, thereby depriving the majority of those who entered on a competitive basis the opportunity to continue their studies for free.

“We were told that there are no budgetary places for surgery,” says, for example, the mother of a student at KrasSMU, Nadezhda. – Those that were, were given to target groups. And a year of paid education costs 240 thousand. Two years – half a million. This is a lot of money! I don’t know how many loans we need to take to pay it off. “

It is not reported whether, in the near future, the Ministry of Education and Science intends to increase the number of budget-funded places in residency.

There is one more interesting point. According to the current rules, 6th-year graduates of medical universities in some specialties are certified as specialists immediately after graduation and receive the right to work in primary care. Hence the opinion arose that at the expense of those who would not be able to get into the residency, the government would try to solve the problem of the shortage of personnel in polyclinics and outpatient clinics, while the majority of doctors are battling the COVID epidemic.

Those students who want to complete the full course will have to fork out the payment for tuition, in many regional cases, up to half-year’s salary.

This situation, in our opinion, is a natural consequence of what is happening now in capitalist Russia’s education. Every day it becomes less and less accessible to the common man. If you want to become a specialist, pay. Or let the future employer pay for you, to whom you will later repay debts with your labor. But higher education in capitalist Russia is no longer a social guarantee.