Massive failure of modern Russia education as a quarter of 9th graders fail the math exam in Northern Russia


The Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug saw a massive failure in the delivery of ninth grade graduates of the OGE in mathematics. About a quarter of students failed to pass the final exam in mathematics, but the performance of some schools is even worse: up to 50% of students did not pass mathematics there. This situation is developing not only in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, but throughout the country.

Social media across the country is buzzing with outrage. Parents blame teachers for this failure. Teachers in turn, without any formalities, place the responsibility on parents and children. In addition, there are accusations against the authorities: the control and measuring materials contained many errors, the verification system itself made mistakes. So, one schoolboy from Nizhny Novgorod solved more tasks correctly, but for some reason the correct answers were not credited, and the graduate received an unsatisfactory score instead of a well-deserved “B” grade.

We can already see the results of reforms and optimizations over the past 30 years. Massive failures on exams is a complex problem. More than once the reformed and optimized education system provides an extremely low level of knowledge and poorly prepares children for their future profession. On the one hand, the optimization pursued the goal of reducing education costs, so the schools themselves have now ceased to provide full-fledged knowledge.

Those who want to improve their level should go to a tutor, spending additional financial resources on this. On the other hand, the goal of optimization, which is associated with the aforementioned, was just to reduce the educational level of the overwhelming majority of the country’s population – the working people. It is easier to manage poorly educated people, it is easier to impose on them a false way of thinking, false ideas. It turns out that the teachers themselves became hostages of the created system.

Parents are no more to blame for poor academic performance than teachers. Forced to constantly earn extra money and rework in order to somehow make ends meet, they are not able to pay due attention to the upbringing of their children, to help them in their studies, to explain the importance of education. As a result, children, left to themselves, begin to learn somehow, without assimilating the material.

Thus, the most important cause of all ills in the education system, as well as in the health care system, is the market mechanism: the pursuit of profits while reducing costs. We have yet to reap the benefits of these reforms. The result is already visible – a low level of knowledge, mass illiteracy.

The market leads to an increase in inequality, the growth of inequality results in aggression, hatred, and an increase in crime. The events of recent days in Kazan demonstrate what our schools have become in recent years.

The problem can be solved by dismantling a system in which profit is more important than the future of millions of children.