In USA there is no plan for vaccinating people against COVID-19


American expert Rick Bright said that the US has no production plan and equitable distribution of the vaccine if it appears. Without this, the country may face “the darkest winter in modern history”.

Coronavirus vaccine
Coronavirus vaccine

Now in the USA there are disputes about the need to strengthen restrictive measures due to the increase in mortality from COVID-19 and the lack of a vaccination plan for the population. The governments of some states have already introduced some concessions in the lockdown rules, while in other states they insist on tightening the measures. And this causes the natural discontent of citizens who, due to forced downtime, were left without financial means.

So, the police in Michigan were involved in countering crowds of people who were dissatisfied with the decision of the state governor Grechen Whitmer to maintain strict security measures. Residents of the country, which is considered the “crown of capitalist development”, prefer, as we see, to risk their health during the pandemic in order to avoid guaranteed death from starvation.