In Krasnoyarsk Territory there is coronavirus outbreak


In Krasnoyarsk Territory, coronavirus tests returned posititve for 866 shift workers. Military doctors were sent to suppress the outbreak; a field hospital with 1,000 beds was deployed near the village of Yeruda, North Yenisei District.

The coronavirus outbreak
The coronavirus outbreak

Despite reports of a decrease in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia, there are more and more new reports of outbreaks of infection from various regions of the country. In Surgut region of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, they are preparing to quarantine three settlements in which outbreaks of infection have been detected. A difficult situation has developed in Dagestan3,460 cases of the disease have been identified in the republic. Thus, it is too early to talk about improving the situation with the infection spread in Russia. A new exacerbation can happen at any time.

A picture similar to the Russian one is being observed in all capitalist countries, many of which are even more developed or richer than the Russian Federation. We see how the authorities of these countries were powerless before the spread of the infection. In all these countries, the entire economy, the entire management system was not ready for the pandemic. Instead of radical measures, authorities everywhere take only half measures: many enterprises continue to work, despite the fact that they could be stopped without harm to production. For example, the Tesla plant is resuming the production of electric vehicles. Moreover, everywhere there is a lack of personal protective equipment, even for medical personnel, a lack of ventilation devices and other means of assistance. For several months of the epidemic, the “effective” bourgeois economy has been unable to establish mass production of the simplest masks and costumes.

These examples show, we see that wherever the capitalist system operates, even in the countries of “good” capitalism, the coronavirus epidemic is raging everywhere, and so far it has not been possible to overcome. The reason is in the capitalist system itself, in which, firstly, the main thing is profit, medicine is optimized for profit, hospitals are closed, quarantine rules are not being followed; secondly, the anarchy of production reigning under capitalism does not make it possible to expeditiously direct the forces necessary to solve urgent problems.