In Germany culprit of Second World War was named


German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and German historian Andreas Wirsching published an article blaming Germany for unleashing the Second World War. According to them, only Germany is responsible for starting it.

The Second World War
The Second World War

Perhaps from the very beginning of World War II, bourgeois propagandists, especially representatives of extreme right-wing, reactionary circles, have spared no effort in putting the blame for starting the war on the USSR. Such voices have become especially strong in the last 30 years since the collapse of the USSR, and the floods of lies keep filling up the media space not only from abroad, but also in Russia.

Such actions have two goals: on the one hand, they are aimed to discredit the USSR and socialism as much as possible, and on the other hand, they strive to justify capitalism and to prove its innocence. At the same time, Mr. Foreign Minister of Germany is not quite right in accusing only Germany of starting the Second World War. The allies of Hitlerite Germany bear the same responsibility: the most important supporters were Japan and Italy, as well as the smaller ones, who also played a noticeable role in the preparation and conduct of the war.

Under the war cover, the capitalists of these countries hoped to acquire new colonies, enslave entire countries, while seizing sources of raw materials, food and cheap labor, as well as destroy the world’s first socialist country. These countries also had assistants: the imperialists of the USA, Great Britain and France, who hoped, by directing the aggression of Germany and Japan at the USSR, to destroy the Soviet Union and temporarily quench the appetites of the German and Japanese monopolists. All these aspirations ultimately led to the start of World War II. At the same time, the Soviet Union made every effort to prevent the war, and then, during the military actions, made the main and decisive contribution to the defeat and destruction of fascism.

Thus, the main culprit in the outbreak of World War II, as well as the First World War, is capitalism. However, modern bourgeois scholars and politicians cannot reach the recognition of this fact in their studies. The most progressive and honest of them only go as far as pointing out to those states that have a direct responsibility in starting the war, without pointing at the main cause of it. This is understandable, since then you will have to admit the guilt of capitalism itself and the fact that now it has turned into a criminal and reactionary system that must be eliminated until it provokes another world war, which might eclipse all previous conflicts.