In 2022 military infectious disease specialists will recieve new equipment

According to Izvestia, in 2022 the Russian military will have a mobile cross-country sanitation complex to fight infections like COVID-19.

Setting up a military field hospital
Setting up a military field hospital

By order of the Ministry of Defense, military doctors will receive a complex of several vehicles to accommodate and transport patients, as well as mobile laboratories with updated equipment. To date, Russian military epidemiologists do not have the machinery to deal with rapidly spreading infections like COVID-19. In the future,  the equipment will be used in response to emergencies.

The fact that the need for such a sanitary complex was voiced by the Ministry of Defense, and not the Ministry of Emergencies (which fits the problem description better to these issues) testifies to the next PR campaign of Russia’s Defence Minister, Sergey Shoigu.

We have already written about the Russian defense industry complex. Judging by the situation in the defense industry, and in the industry as a whole, serious doubts arise about the competent implementation of this project. There is only confidence that the cross-country ability will be ensured by the use of the KAMAZ serial auto-chassis. But patency is far from the main thing in the sanitary complex. Much more important is medical equipment and medicines. And here there will be serious problems with production and supply, which cannot be solved in such a short time and at such a level of the pharmacological industry.

Such tasks can only be achieved in the conditions of socialist economy.


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