Housing prices will rise in 2021


Experts forecast that housing prices in Russia will rise in 2021. The rise in prices will be 5-7% for secondary housing and up to 12% for new buildings. The prices started to increase in 2020: over the past nine months the average increase has been 10.5%. The growth in the cost of housing in 2020 was recorded in almost all major cities of the country.

In recent decades, the housing issue has become especially painful for the working class of Russia. It is almost impossible to save up money to purchase a house, therefore a significant part of buyers is forced to take a mortgage, which further increases the cost of purchase. In addition, about half of Russians cannot afford a mortgage, and families with children are in an even more difficult situation: only 30% of families with one child can afford a loan for housing, and from families with three children – only 5%. The housing issue is one of the main reasons for the low birth rate in Russia.

On the other hand, there are the palaces of oligarchs and top managers of large companies, which are inaccessible to ordinary workers. These palaces were built with funds taken from the pockets of the working people in various ways and appropriated by the bourgeoisie. However, this state of affairs is typical not only for Russia, but also for all capitalist countries, where the overwhelming majority of the working people are forced to get in the so-called “mortgage slavery” in order to provide themselves with more or less decent housing. At the same time, job loss leads to the threat of losing home.

Under the socialist regime, workers are guaranteed the right to work and housing. Housing is allocated in accordance with the need for it and free of charge, and the cost of housing services is much lower than under capitalism. As a result, the quality and standard of living of workers is much higher; they do not risk losing their homes.