Hospitals in St. Petersburg are stretched to the limit.


Results of downsizing.

Andrei Sarna, Deputy Chairman of the St. Petersburg City Health Committee, said that the situation with coronavirus infection in the city remains tense, hospitals are working at their limit. However, it was unnecessary for the time being to de-designate hospital units taking on routine care.

Russian hospitals

The situation with the incidence of coronavirus infection is not improving, as evidenced by a statement from a health official. The epidemic has shown how imperfect the state system is. If the state and society cope with the epidemic and suppresses its development, hospital bed capacities are sufficient to accommodate patients, then such a social system is quite perfect. We can observe a similar situation in Vietnam, where the development of the epidemic was prevented and brought under full control.

We observe a different picture in the majority of “prosperous” capitalist states. In the richest countries of capitalism, hospitals are absolutely packed. The same is happening in Russia, quarantine measures in our country have turned out to be largely useless and ill-considered. Downsizing of healthcare has led to a reduction of hospital bed space, ambulances, and the closure of hospitals. The pandemic that broke out in Russia, showed what the measures were worth. There is overcrowding in hospitals, many of those refuse to accept patients, the mortality rate has risen so much that morgues are full in large cities.

The pandemic revealed the imperfection of the capitalist system, its inability to meet the challenges of the time, despite the surface gloss. In contrast, poor Vietnam and Cuba were able to effectively use all the available resources and suppress the spread of infection, having prevented an epidemic.