Government to develop a unified approach to school safety


Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the government to develop a unified approach to ensuring the security and anti-terrorist protection of Russian schools. Now, according to the President, much in ensuring security is at the mercy of local authorities and the schools themselves. The development of a unified approach should be completed by August 1st.

Measures should take into account the location of schools, the number of students and the size of the settlements. According to Putin, the previous order was given back in 2018, but so far it has not yet been fully implemented (surprised?) and problems still remain in many educational institutions.

The experience of recent decades shows that, despite the strengthening of measures to protect schools and other educational institutions, crimes are repeated. Until 1991, there were no guards, window bars or other protective measures in Soviet schools, but there were no cases similar to what happened in the Kazan school. On the contrary, numerous security measures are taken in modern Russia. However, the number of cases is multiplying every year. Shooting in schools has become almost commonplace like in the US.

The increase in the number of attacks on schools is caused by the tensions in society, which are generated by the existing social order. Difficult working conditions, low income, constant financial crises, uncertainty about one’s future – all this leads to a deterioration of the mental state of Russian citizens. Parents engaged in earning a livelihood are unable to pay due attention to raising children. The nervous environment in which children grow up leads to the deformation of the immature child’s psyche.

The exploitation of hired workers, which results in unfair wages and low living standards for the vast majority of workers, is reinforced by violence. For this, a huge state coercive apparatus has been created, which stands on the side of employers. In addition, non-state structures are at the service of big business. The bourgeoisie naturally uses violence to achieve its goals in society. The result is the perception of violence as a completely common tool for solving problems. Which when mixed together with a deformed psyche, leads to outbursts of unmotivated aggression.

The solution to the problem of attacks on schools or violence in society, in general, is only possible by building a society in which the right to work (and earn) is ensured and there is no exploitation of man by man.