Government plans 42 million ruble budget on protection against crows

The federal budget draft envisages financing of measure to control the crow population in the amount of 21.3 million rubles a year.
The work will be carried out on the territory and roof of the House of the Government of the Russian Federation, RBC reports.

It is assumed that these jobs will be carried out by the Federal State Budgetary Institution VNII Ecology. The funds will be spent on the maintenance of birds of prey (falcons, hawks), veterinary services, the purchase of equipment and transport support.

For comparison, in 2016 records about the allocation of funds from the Government budget for the maintenance of the mausoleum of V.I. Lenin became public. The spending amounted to around 13 million rubles. The online community was outraged by the “exorbitant spending”, but now it is difficult to imagine that the declared figure has increased over time.

According to experts, which the publication cites, the number of crows in Moscow is steadily decreasing and cannot cause significant damage to the government building.

Its seems obvious that the cost of “scaring away birds” is nothing more than another attempt to embezzle money in the most sophisticated way.
Taking a closer look at the budget, you can find a lot of “interesting” items of expenditure in it (and not only this budget).

This state of affairs suggests that the opinion of citizens does not mean anything to the state. However, everything is in our hands, only together we can change this situation.

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