Gas prices went up yet again


Authorities put the blame on the hard frost period

Rosstat reported an increase in prices for petroleum products. From March 1 to March 9, on average, retail prices increased by 12 kopecks. Diesel fuel has risen in price by 7 kopecks, to 49.25 rubles per liter. At the same time, AI-92 gas price set a new record – the cost of a ton reached 55.75 thousand rubles.

One of the reasons for the rise in gas prices, according to representatives of the Ministry of Energy, was the frost period that has taken place recently. In addition, the rise in prices, according to the Ministry, is also associated with fluctuations in prices for other goods and services.

Of course, in each case of an increase in prices for a particular type of product, you can always find a specific reason. For example, as is happening now with the rise in fuel prices, the growth in demand associated with frosty weather.

Inflation under capitalism is one of the most important tools for the exploitation of the working class. Prices usually grow more rapidly than wages, so that over time, real wages decline, even though their nominal value has not changed or increased slightly. That makes it possible for business owners to effortlessly increase their income and profits as well. Also, this conveniently allows the authorities to actually reduce the cost of scholarships, pensions, and other social benefits.

In order to keep incomes from falling, it is necessary to index wages by the percent of inflation. Now in the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, there is a clause on indexation, but it does not indicate the amount of indexation so that the employer can raise wages by tenths of a percent and formally fulfill the requirement of the article. So that to correct this, the ROT FRONT party introduced a bill on the indexation of wages by the amount of inflation, but it was failed by the State Duma. Working people have the opportunity to influence the current disadvantageous situation for them. First, to fight for their economic rights at the companies they work for and to achieve the introduction of a method of indexing into the collective labor agreement. Secondly, to press upon the authorities by their struggle nationwide to achieve the introduction of an appropriate law in the Labor Code.