Freemarket magic – Legendary shipyard declared bankrupt due to a measly 4 million rouble debt


The Arbitrary Court of the Rostov Region has declared the Donskoy Shipbuilding and Ship-repairing Plant (DSSZ) bankrupt, as reported by the Rostov Region Today information and analytical agency. The company’s debt to the tax service amounted to about 4 million rubles.

Donskoy Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Plant was founded in 1953 immediately after the commissioning of the Volga-Don shipping canal. The main task of the company was the repair and construction of small ships and pontoons. Back in 2012, the management of LLC DSSZ “looked to the future with confidence”. But the future turned out to be not so bright. Very soon the market “did its magic” and finally decided on what to do with the enterprise. The debt in the one-day salary of the head of Rosneft II Sechin ended up hammering the last nail into the cross of the plant.

And just a few months ago, in November 2020, a similar fate befell the Ust-Donetsk shipyard, which began its history in 1960. This enterprise had a debt to the tax office of about 40 million rubles.

Protest of workers of the Ust-Donetsk shipyard. Photo by Vitaly Kolbasin / A&F

Now, probably, “Russia rising from its knees” does not need pontoons, ships, or factories. How else can you explain the reason for the destruction of entire factories due to debts of several million?

And there are more than enough such examples today. You can poke your finger into any region of the country – Novosibirsk, Volgograd, Vladimir, Moscow, Ufa, Primorsky Krai – and there will certainly be more than one closed or already destroyed soviet enterprise.

Whatever words we hear about the need to develop production, about diversifying the economy and import substitution sound from the high rostrum, in fact, they remain just words. The current masters of the country only need profits made from thin air. It is easier and faster for these hucksters to “make money” by sawing the equipment of factories for scrap.

Workers, remember! In order to have somewhere to come to work tomorrow, you must begin to unite and fight for your right yesterday!