Fraudsters trade obsolete ventilators


In Moscow region, police detained a group of people who were trying to sell obsolete mechanical ventilation devices. In total, the sellers asked 70 million rubles for 100 devices. In Sverdlovsk and Kostroma region, about 1.5 thousand ventilators manufactured before 2000 were seized.

An obsolete ventilator
An obsolete ventilator

The appearance of various dubious personalities trying to earn money is a natural phenomenon in this situation. This is a consequence of the current structure of society, the existing system. The coronavirus epidemic became a test of the entire social system of those countries where it spread, including Russia. The “optimized” healthcare system can hardly cope with the influx of patients.

The industry does not have time to produce the required number of ventilators. It is extremely difficult to increase this production under capitalism. Factories can increase production only to a certain level, and then it is necessary to produce a serious expansion of production, which will require a significant investment of time. The production of devices can be expanded to other enterprises that have the necessary production base. For this, it is necessary to transfer to these enterprises the needed design, software and technological documentation. However, under capitalism this is a trade secret; transferring it to competitors is disadvantageous for the producer who prefers to profit. There is no such obstacle under socialism, where it is possible to expand the production of any products in demand to factories that are suitable for this.

Thus we see how the capitalist system impedes the deployment of production which is absolutely necessary for the whole society. We see how various kinds of business people take advantage of this state of affairs by selling devices of questionable quality. Manufacturers of devices are also not in trouble: they will receive good profits. Only workers carry the losses, as in case of illness they may not have enough functional ventilation devices.