Former senator had bought a mansion worth 90mln roubles


Russian “Sobesednik” news agency have found out about piece of luxurous property recently bought by Zinaida Dragunkina in a high-end residential area called “Dauville” in Odintsovsky municipality of Moscow region.

“No place for beggars here”

“It’s like a small farytale city, coming there is like visiting foreign state. Entering is via ID’s only… No place for beggars here” – this is how this place described on internet forums. It is where ex-senator of Federation Council had bought her new mansion Mrs Dragunkina.

Mrs Dragunkina made quiet a career in Russian politics. She made a long way from komsomol “nomenklatura” to “United Russia” and Federation Council, where she held a senatorial position for 14 years in committee of Science, Education and culture. Now she works as a councilor for Moscow mayor Sobyanin. Some of her infamous initiatives include renovation laws that granted huge profits for monopolists on housing construction market and directly threatening people’s property rights, as well as notorious act of decriminalisation of domestic violence that put lives of vulnerable family members in danger of being abused.

“Sobesednik” noted, that market price of this mansion exceeds 90mln Rubles, a sum that exceeds her official salary received for years in a senatorial chair. According to her financial declaration, she never earned more than 5mln per year.

Interesting fact: to buy such a nice piece of property, Russian school teacher with average salary has to work for at least 200 years!

But, frankly speaking, is it something new for a capitalist society? Of course not. Is anyone there stupid enough to suggest that in a system focused on generating profits, people in power will abstain from abusing it for their personal gain?

So it’s no surprise that biggest beneficiaries of this system are high-ranking officials that introduced it for our society and making fortunes for themselves by cutting social securities and selling industrial backbone of the country, made by the hands of our ancestors. They are highly organised, and if threatened, will fight to protect their positions.

It means, that in order to protect interests of our, Russian working class, we must create and promote grass-rooted organisation able to withstand a fight against exploitators. Untill such organisation is absent, inhabitants of such farytale cities will continue to live in luxury at our expense.