Flame of forest fires is gradually spreading in Siberia


On April 28, the area of existing forest fires exceeded 50,000 hectares. In total, from the beginning of 2020, according to Aerial Forest Protection Service, the fire passed through more than 2.86 million hectares in the regions of Siberia.

Siberia is suffering from more and more forest fires
Siberia is suffering from more and more forest fires

In 2019 many large cities of Siberia got “suffocated” by smog. 15 million hectares of forest were affected by over 14,000 forest fires back then. Smoke covered not only Siberia, but also neighboring countries.

The authorities then claimed that fires in Siberia were normal. However, the magnitude of the 2019 fires is astounding. The traces of tree felling and arson found at the places of fire make one wonder. In 2019, authorities felt that fighting fires was “unprofitable”. Will the situation with fires repeat in 2020? Today, Russia is following the coronavirus lockdown rules This may impede the work of eliminating fires, which in the end will mean an even greater environmental disaster for Russia.