Five workers have been victims of the fire in the Moscow region


More victims of business owners’ greed for money

On the evening of May 7 in Mytishchi near Moscow, five people died in a fire in a welding shop, Izvestia reports. A criminal case has been brought on the ground of “Causing death by negligence to two or more persons.”

The fire area was 740 square feet. At 21:49 open fire was brought under control and completely extinguished at 02:34 on May 8. Oxygen and propane tanks were inside the burned-out workshop.

Judging by the pictures and footage from the fire scene, the welding shop was a non-residential two-story frame-metal building clad in sandwich panels.

The investigation, of course, will figure out whether, in principle, it is permissible to locate the welding production in such premises. But, judging by the structure of the building, the owner of this workshop wasn’t really concerned about the safety and the convenience of the work of their employees.

There is no doubt that the “negligence” that led to the death of five workers, there is a large share of the welding production owner’s greed. There are many examples when the company owners are unwilling to “spend money” on labor safety and that only led to injuries and even death of workers.

We offer our condolences to the families of the victims and call on all workers to actively fight for their rights. The more organized this resistance will be, the more united the collectives will be, the easier the owners of factories and mass media will be to deal with. Then fewer tragedies like that will occur in the future.