Financial austerity – government due to decrease pensions


Another attack on the weakest parts of Russian society


In 2021, several categories of pensioners may face a decrease in the size of their pensions at once. This was mentioned to the press today by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Social Policy of the Federation Council – Elena Bibikova.

According to a recent court decision, up to 50% of payments can be deducted from debtors (for utilities, loans and fines). In addition to debtors – citizens who (due to errors in “calculations”) were paid amounts in excess of the real amount of pensions. The reform will also affect pensioners who decided to move to another region. In particular, those who previously received various regional (the Arctic for example) allowances. Now when you change your place of residence, regional allowances will not be carried over, which will significantly affect the amount of the pension benefit.

Why citizens, who have worked all their lives in difficult climatic conditions and in old age change regions Vorkuta (north) to Pskov (Europe) in order to maintain and restore their damaged health should switch to the Pskov minimum wage – the senator failed to specify.

In our opinion, this is another uncomplicated way for “unburdened” to continue their lifestyles at the expense of taxpayers. This is how they try to maintain capitalist “justice”(, which does not provide any support for those who have already worked their way out and can no longer bring profit to the owners of capital.

The advice given by officials to pensioners is quite grim. To guarantee their future in old age, workers need to “stop counting bonus points” in their loyalty cards while working to provide for families of three. They need to rise in an organized way to fight for their rights and social privileges.