Facebook on May 9 deleted posts with Banner of Victory over Reichstag


On May 9, Russian users of the Facebook social network noted that the internal censorship system removed publications where the famous photograph “The Banner of Victory over the Reichstag” was attached.

The Banner of Victory
The Banner of Victory

The social network explained: “Your publication violates our community standards regarding dangerous people and organizations. Your post is hidden from others. These standards are designed to prevent harm to anyone in the real world”.

By the end of the day, TASS reported that Facebook was deleting photos due to incorrect algorithm performance. This, according to the publication, was said by an official representative of the company.

“This content was deleted in error by our automated violation detection tools and is now restored. We apologize to the users for any inconvenience caused in this regard,” the company’s response read.

Such a peculiar surprise from the social network on the 75th anniversary of the Victory, of course, can really be attributed to the incorrect operation of the algorithms – besides, users also reported that the color version of the photo was being deleted while the original picture was not touched. However, the very fact of such a thing happening on such a significant date and the absolute inability to influence this suggests that the Huxley beautiful world is actually much closer than we sometimes think, and no one knows if the image of a Soviet soldier will be banned in a decade, as an image of “dangerous people or organizations”.