Employees of the Petrovich Trading House forced the management to raise their salaries


The strike is the workers’ most reliable argument

The drivers of the Petrovich Trading House in St. Petersburg went on strike on the morning of March 29, 2021, RBC reports with reference to one of the social networks. The employees demanded that the company management change the terms of employment and decent working conditions. After just a few hours of negotiations, the company’s management made concessions to the strikers.

Employees complain about the difference between promised wages upon hiring and actual earnings. The earnings of an experienced driver can be only 30 thousand rubles per month, while on the website hh.ru they offer the loader from 50 thousand to 80 thousand rubles net, the driver of a forklift – from 58 thousand rubles.

The press service of the company commented on Monday’s events in the following way:

“A group of initiative drivers demanded to increase tariff rates for delivery services. We agreed that they will be increased, but we are a service company that works in the market. It is very important for us not to pass this rise [in tariffs] onto the shoulders of our clients. The decision is now being made in the company.”

The fear of incurring losses very quickly made the owners of “Petrovich” hear the demands of the labor collective.

The market with all its “benefits” is gradually awakening the consciousness of the working people. Not everyone is ready to endlessly “tighten their belts” and “be more understanding” towards the deterioration of working conditions and a decrease in material wealth. The workers’ cup of patience is gradually overflowing. In such a situation, the strike becomes the most effective “weapon” in achieving the workers’ goals.

But this small victory shouldn’t turn the heads of the network workers. It should be understood that the owners of the company are unlikely to forget these events. It is not yet known how today’s success will turn out for the initiators of the strike. As long as the power in the State belongs to the owners of the means of production, they will only make temporary concessions to their workers. There is no doubt that over time salaries will return to their previous level, and the intensity of work will increase.

The owners’ desire for profit will not go anywhere. And the struggle should not be limited to a one-time protest. Therefore, workers need to learn, try to understand the true cause of their troubles and, of course, organize to fight for their interests.