Ekaterinburg to receive a Dreamworks amusement park instead of investments into local industry


A DreamWorks amusement park is set to be built in the Svobodny-1 township near Yekaterinburg. The approximate completion date is 2040.

All year round, 10 hours a day, residents of the city and guests of the capital of the Urals will be able to visit the park which sits on 95 hrctares, with 100-120 attractions in five zones:

  1. Zone of pavilions, thematic platforms and service facilities
  2. Extreme rides
  3. Exhibitions and fairs
  4. Parks “Ural-Gornozavodskaya”, “Ural Fair”, “History of the Urals” (museum and play areas with educational and creative activities, master classes on Ural crafts).
  5. Children’s park

To start of, plans are to build the open-air rides and pavilions with interactive and virtual games.

The city, which until recently was famous for its industrial power, is being built up with churches and attractions. Industry, however, is wasting away. Even such a powerful enterprise as UralWagonZavod is experiencing significant financial difficulties.

We are pretty sure that ordinary locals, entailing a miserable existence on the minimum living wage are unlikely to be able to use the ultra-modern amusement park. They would be more than happy to afford good food and clothes, but not spend their last pennies on empty entertainment.

The planned construction period of 18 years eloquently testifies to the fact that this “megaproject” will serve as an excellent feeding trough (Russian metaphor for money laundering operation) for the enrichment of businessmen who have received permission to build the New Vasyukov project. Something suggests that in the coming years we will be entertained with more than one criminal case related to this project.

In order to develop a country, it is necessary to build industrial enterprises and create jobs and not overpriced “Disneyland”s. It is necessary to develop science and provide access to quality education for all categories of citizens, not provide more ways to “ride downhill”.

But for today’s “mega effective” entrepreneurs, this is too difficult a task. It is much faster and easier to “cut the dough” in virtual reality.