Economist predicted new increase of retirement age


Economist Sergei Hestanov predicted a possible increase in the retirement age in Russia. According to him, reducing the retirement age will not help Russians survive the crisis. Hestanov substantiated his opinion by the fact that unemployment is growing during the crisis, and the payment of pensions is made from the contributions of workers, which will now be less. According to him, pension reform needed to be carried out earlier and much more gradually. The economist made such a statement in response to the assumption of a possible reduction in the retirement age in Russia.

Waiting for elderly people to go
Waiting for elderly people to go

The Russian authorities are unlikely to reduce the retirement age, as this will require significant budgetary expenditures. Of course, if desired, funds for this purpose could be found in the budget by reducing, for example, assistance to the largest Russian companies and banks. In addition, a progressive tax could be introduced to improve budget filling. However, the authorities will not agree to this, especially since they did not do this in the absence of the crisis. They did not raise the retirement age so as to reduce it now.

This is caused by the fact that at this point Russia is a bourgeois state, which means it expresses the interests of the capitalist class, and, in fact, is an instrument of this class itself. Therefore, laws that are adopted can only be beneficial to capitalists. Therefore, the state renders assistance primarily to capitalists, and not to the working people.

Thus, a new increase in the retirement age now seems likely enough. Of course, the authorities will wait a while and will not risk to do it now, when public opinion is not in the highest towards the government.

In this situation, workers can improve their position only by fighting for their interests and by seeking concessions from the capitalists. Without that, the capital will continue to attack the workers and continue the policy of intensifying exploitation and ruining simple people’s lives.