During the pandemic, drug-related mortality has more than doubled in Russia


In 2020, during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people who died from drug-related problems has risen by more than 60%. In the pre-pandemic year of 2019, 4,569 Russians died from drugs, but in 2020 this figure has already reached 7,316. Experts point out that the consumption of alcohol and drugs is growing uncontrollably all around the world.

Mortality during the pandemic has grown not only because of the coronavirus, but also because of chronic diseases of the circulatory system (by 11.6%), pneumonia (by 2.4 times), endocrine diseases (by 25%) and nervous system (by 20.9%). 

This statistics clearly shows the impact of the pandemic on humans’ mental health. In addition, Rosstat also includes into the list of drug-related deaths those people who died from mental disorders as a result of drug abuse, as well as those who died from accidental drug poisoning or who took a lethal dose of drugs “with an undetermined intent”.

Drugs account for 5.2% of all deaths in 2020 in Russia.

The situation in the USA is exactly the same. From June 2019 to May 2020, 81 thousand drug-related deaths were recorded – a record number in the entire history of observations.

Indeed, it is so difficult to maintain mental health when prices rise uncontrollably, not only for clothing, but even for basic necessities. As a result, all income has to be devoured by credit bondage. Those who decide to take a mortgage in hard times may find themselves with nothing in the end, because their apartment can be taken by the bank if they fail to pay their mortgage. What can you do about it? You can try to tolerate and forget your pain over a glass of alcohol… Or you can fight. Join us.