Duma passes law that allows remote voting


The State Duma adopted the law on remote voting in the second reading. According to the law, now it will be possible to vote in elections and referenda by mail and via the Internet.

"No matter who you vote for, you get what you get"
“No matter who you vote for, you get what you get”

Thus, the Russian authorities simplyfied the procedure of falsification and fraud of the elections as much as possible. Earlier it was still necessary to make some efforts: throw ballots, arrange carousels, collect pensioners for dinners, give gifts, use administrative resources, fill the voters with tons of campaign waste paper and jam promises down people’s throats through electronic media. Now all these methods are moving away to the background. Of course, voting results will still need to be processed, but now it will not require much: it will be possible to draw the necessary percentages without too much difficulty, referring to voting results via the Internet and by mail, which is impossible to verify even theoretically.

Obviously, in the conditions of the worsening economic situation and the impoverishment of the overwhelming majority of workers, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain power through traditional elections. Even with all their obvious picturesqueness, the elections will show a weak confidence of the people in the existing government and will cause even greater distrust towards the authorities. Therefore, for safety reasons, a new method of voting was invented.

In these conditions, it is necessary to get rid of the latest illusions about elections and the possibility of changing anything with their help. Workers have the only opportunity to improve their situation – it is fighting for their interests in enterprises. Only by creating their own class organizations at plants and factories and by forcing concessions from employers, first locally and then nationwide – only then will workers be able to defend their interests.