Dmitry Medvedev congratulated Russians on National Unity Day (no one celebrates it)


Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev stressed that National Unity Day has become a symbol of respect for the country’s rich history, TASS reports.

Medvedev noted that National Unity Day is the youngest holiday in modern Russia and emphasized that this holiday personifies the connection between the past, present and future of the country’s people.

“National unity for us is not only a beautiful metaphor, but also the basis for the existence of our multi-confessional and multinational people.”, Medvedev said.

However, the working people still do not understand what is celebrated on November 4 to such an extent that it needs to be explained again every year. To a greater extent, they treat the holiday as just another non-working day, despite the fact that 15 years have passed since its introduction.

As much as the authorities would not like, November 4 is not becoming a truly national holiday. The working people do not understand what they are celebrating. And this is not surprising: the artificially introduced holiday did not take root and is a “pale shadow” of the real national holiday – the Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution!

Why? Because simply, November 7 is the day we have earned with our hard work, with our sweat and blood. This is a day that concerns everyone.

Only united by class, do we become stronger!