Deputies proposed to ban unauthorized education


A group of senators of the Federation Council and deputies of the State Duma proposed introducing amendments to the law on educational activities. The essence of the changes comes down to the introduction of the concept of “educational activities”, the conduct of which will be limited by law. The deputies justify these innovations by the need to resist anti-Russian forces leading propaganda in the school and student environment aimed at discrediting Russian state policy, revising history and undermining the constitutional order.

Counteraction to propaganda aimed at discrediting government policy means a ban on the dissemination of opinions and ideas that differ from those officially adopted. Consequently, any public criticism of the present state of health-care system, education and retirement system will be prohibited.

The Russian authorities themselves have put a lot of effort into falsifying history. They allow to publish tons of “scientific” waste paper, in which tsarism is extolled and beautiful stories are made up about blissful life in pre-revolutionary Russia. White Guards (eve those who were involved in collaboration with Nazis) are celebrated as heroes. The history of the World War II is rewritten in a way that makes learners think that Soviet people managed to beat Nazis not because of the Soviet leaders, but in spite of them. In the mass media, they continue to tell stories about repressions, ignoring the fact that many of those stories have long been exposed. Russian officials have admitted mass shooting of captured Polish officers in Katyn. It is obvious that now this bourgeois falsified history will be considered the only true history, and our children will have to learn it. 

The capitalists continue to increase pressure against working class. Their decision to raise the retirement age and optimize health care system and education has aroused discontent among people. Naturally, in these conditions, the bourgeoisie is making every effort to maintain a monopoly on propaganda. By introducing such draconian measures, the authorities hope to prevent the spread of objective knowledge and progressive ideas among the masses. The working people can oppose this with self-organization in the localities, self-education and unification.