Death rates are 1.5 times higher than the birth rates in the Krai of Perm


According to the report by Permstat – at the end of 2020, the death rate in the Krai of Perm exceeded the birth rate by more than one and a half times.
In 2020, 25,529 were born and 40,123 people died. The most common cause of death is diseases of the circulatory system (50.1% of deaths), followed by neoplasms (13%). The mortality rate in the Perm Territory was 15.6 deaths per thousand of the population.

In 2020, there was a sharp increase in mortality in Russia: the mortality rate rose to 14.5 per thousand of the population; at the same time, the birth rate fell. As a result, in 2020 the total population decline in Russia amounted to 688 thousand people.

Pro-government propagandists explain such a sharp rise in mortality in Russia by blaming the coronavirus pandemic. However, based on statistics, most of the causes of death are due to cardiovascular disease and other diseases. Of course, the coronavirus affected mortality. Both directly, becoming a direct cause of death and indirectly, causing an overload of the entire healthcare system.

This is the result of the defeat of healthcare in Russia, carried out under the guise of “optimization”. The closure of hospitals and the reduction in the number of beds led to the fact that it was necessary to occupy places for seriously ill patients in non-emergency departments. The defeat (the number of sanitary doctors in Russia has decreased by 2.5 times since 1990) of the sanitary-epidemiological service led to the fact that the necessary sanitary anti-epidemiological measures were not taken in time, and the widespread of the infection throughout the country was allowed to occur.

This means that the coronavirus is not the cause of the increase in mortality in the country, but the entire system built over the past 30 years. The coronavirus was only the last straw, the impetus leading to the disaster.

But how did this situation affect the policy of the state and the authorities? In no way! Nobody could admit that the whole past health policy is wrong. There are no plans to increase the number of hospitals and beds in them. This is because health care costs are derived from taxes. But it is impossible to raise the levies on the workers since they are already overburdened and on the brink of survival. Taxes on the rich cannot be raised because the government represents the interests of the rich. The rich will not raise their fees. At the same time, high-ranking officials and wealthy businessmen will always have access to high-quality and modern private medicine.