Cultural capitalism – Deputy of Russia’s leading party suggested Russians eat bone broth during tough times


State Duma deputy from the United Russia party – Sergei Vostretsov, urged Russians to abandon eating out and switching to a healthier diet. According to the deputy, one of the types of healthy food is bone broth, from chicken bones from example.

Sergey Vostretsov – MP for the leading United Russia party.

There is no doubt that fast food is far from being a healthy dietary alternative and people who regularly consume it run the risk of getting various health issues. However, much like in the USA – the overwhelming majority of working-class citizens resort to fast food and other food surrogates due to its availability and cheapness. In the USSR, there were a huge number of canteens where workers could eat the food of sufficiently high quality at cost prices and due to its historical significance – bread was always free.

Most factories had on-site canteens serving lunch and dinner where workers meals were part of their worker’s privileges. Nowadays, there are very few such catering establishments left and fast food is, in this respect, the only way out for a significant part of the population. Either wealthy individuals or some lucky individuals can afford healthy food and daily restaurant dining.

In addition, the quality of food in Russia leaves much to be desired. The market is flooded with various counterfeits, especially of meats and cheeses. The addition of palm oil to dairy products has long become the talk of the town. Buying quality products becomes problematic even with enough money. Eating only bone soups can hardly be considered complete. Consumption of the required amount of fruits and vegetables, which are recognized by modern medicine as necessary for a healthy and nutritious diet, can generally become overwhelming for workers, especially in winter.

Thus, the use of low-quality products, snacks and relying on fast food instead of a full meal – all this is the result of the construction of a capitalist system in Russia. The workers are forced to eat bad and harmful food. Which, coupled with harmful working conditions, a difficult moral situation at work and in the country and poor medicine – leads to a decrease in the quality and duration of life.

As for the United States, which the MPs has very hateful feelings for, the average life expectancy in this country is now 79 years. Which is 10.5 years more than in Russia. It is possible that the deputy fears for the safety of the pension fund of our country – after all, if Russians live as long as Americans, then more pensions will have to be paid.

The problem with this comment isn’t that this popular Russian MP doesn’t see the problem. He is well aware of the economic situation of the working population. The problem is that he is basically telling workers to save their scraps. This is part of the toxic capitalist culture, which passes top-down from the government. The only way in which working-class Russians can experience better living conditions is by organising themselves and struggling for their rights and privileges.