Cross procession canceled due to the pandemic, took place without dispersal and detention


Action necessary for the Government

From 2 to 4 thousand pilgrims took part in the Procession of the cross, canceled by the Yekaterinburg authorities, dedicated to the death of Nicholas II, Kommersant reports. At the head of the column of violators were volunteers of the “Two-Headed Eagle” movement of Konstantin Malofeev with an icon of a passion-bearer. The procession was guarded by traffic police officers. There were no other law-enforcement officers at the scene of the violation, no calls for those who had gathered to disperse were heard. “Owing to well-organized action”, the banned mass event took place without arrests, break-ups and, without using the Special police force at all.

Volunteers of the “Two-Headed Eagle” at the head of the procession / Photo: Kommersant / Vladislav Lonshakov

There is a prohibition of holding mass events at the moment in the region with the participation of more than 500 people.

“Driven solely by their hearts, many believers, after the communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ, go to the monastery of the name of the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers along the path that 103 years ago the dead bodies of the murdered members of the Tsar’s family and their servants were being carried. People in small groups saying prayers with their family members are headed to Ganina Pit, where a traditional prayer service to the Holy Royal Passion-Bearers will take place in the morning, ”the local diocese said.

Well, since “at the behest of the heart” people “don’t give a damn” about the prohibitions of the authorities, then this is no longer a violation. You need to just have a comprehension in this situation. Moreover, the mass gathering is led not by some “West agents” or some kind of bad-asses, but it was led by respected people supported by a “real Russian patriot”: the founder of the TV channel “Tsargrad” and the founder of the investment fund Marshall Capital Partners K. Malofeev.

Orthodox Christian billionaire Konstantin Malofeev

The main goal of such “events”, whatever participants themselves feel about that, is not worship of the “Holy Royal Martyrs”, but the retention of power in the hands of such Malofeevs, propaganda of a hostile attitude towards the ideas advanced by the first State of workers and peasants. Therefore, there will be no suppression of the participants and organizers of the “God-willed” banned mass gathering. It is necessary for the authorities, which only means it is quite legal.

It is not possible to endlessly fool people. As for the law-enforcement agencies, their showing loyalty to one side and using excessive brute force to the other side will only accelerate the process of people’s class self-identity and becoming class-conscious.