COVID-19 breaks records in Russia


COVID-19 mortality rate has been especially high in Russia for the last four days. On Tuesday, September 28 mortality from coronavirus infection reached 852 people per day – this is the highest rate since the beginning of the pandemic. Over the next four days, mortality increased, reaching on Friday, October 1, the value of 887 deaths per day. The number of cases is also showing an increase: 24,522 people fell ill in 24-hours.

Considering all the facts mentioned above, the authorities have to draw certain conclusions and take measures to correct it. Under the current circumstances, it’s obvious that the health-care system has to be restored and the number of beds and capacity – increased. However, the authorities are not doing any of this and it doesn’t seem that they are going to, otherwise they would promise to do so during their election campaigns. Moreover, health care costs in the new budget have been reduced by 117 billion rubles, or 8.6%, in relation to this year’s budget. The reduction will be even more significant if we take into account the inflation rates. The program aimed at the development of the pharmaceutical industry has also been cut back – costs in this area have been halved.

This situation is quite understandable. For millionaires and billionaires sitting in the State Duma the lack of medicines or hospital beds is not a problem at all. For them, as well as for senior officials, there will always be places in hospitals and any medical supplies they need. And they are at less risk of catching any of the diseases than the ordinary workers. On the other hand, business has a need to protect its interests both domestically and on the international arena – therefore, funds from the social sphere are used to finance law enforcement agencies: expenditures under the item “national security and law enforcement” will be increased by almost 17% or by 415 billion rubles … Spending on defense will rise by 129 billion rubles. In total, this is slightly less than the overall reduction in social spending – 640 billion rubles.

Such national policy will result in a further decline in the quality of health care and, as a consequence, the demographic situation as well as the position of working people will get worse and worse. Struggle is the only way for us to defend our interests and achieve a better life.