Communist Party planes protest actions after the elections


Much noise about nothing

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation plans to organize protest rallies across the whole country from September 20 to 26 after the end of the elections. The regional branches of the party have already applied for their holding. In Moscow, the party will hold actions on September 20 and 21, for which applications have already been submitted.

The rally of the Communist Party in Novosibirsk

The final decision to hold rallies will be made based on the results of the elections, facts of the falsifications committed during the elections. In addition, it is not yet known whether the actions themselves are coordinated by the local authorities (Russian Federation laws make it necessary to coordinate all protest actions which involve many people with the local authorities).

It is obvious that CPRF protest actions are made to create an idea in the society that the Communist Party of the Russian Federation realy somehow fights against the current government. On the other hand, the rallies also have a goal to put pressure on the authorities in order to bargain for more votes and seats in the Duma, which will help finance the party (in Russian Federation all parties that have their deputies in the Duma gain financial support from the government for every Duma’s seat). Given the growth of protest sentiments in society, rallies can actually gather a more or less large number of participants, although they are unlikely to have a really high number.

At the same time, such actions will not bring any perceptible result, benefit for the working people. By the way, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation does not try to find a serious struggle with the authorities, and so are other “opposition parties”. This was well shown in 2011, when the Communist Party had a real chance to put pressure on the authorities, to cancel the elections. To do this, it was enough to refuse from deputy mandates.

It would deprive the new State Duma of legitimacy and, moreover, would add credibility to these parties. These parties actually showed what their opposition and adherence to principles are worth. It is one thing to vote in the State Duma, when, in essence, nothing depends on this vote, it is another thing to go into a serious confrontation with the authorities.